Giovanni vampire


Should you be a fan of both Twilight and gay dudes ramming each other’s tight ass, then these guys will be perfect for you. Billa is a young gay vampire and is definitely in need of looking for some amazing cock. He goes deep into the erotic world of vampires and meets up with another gay vampire named Edmund. It’s outstanding to see these really young guys going down on each other with such zeal and lust that it’s hard to remember they might even become adversaries or friends! Go inside with them to find new occult pleasures unseen by human eyes!

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Billa Discovers His Inner Twink


Billa always knew there was something missing in his life. The girls he dated just did nothing for him. They bored him in every way. Including in bed. But when he discovered the world of vampires and gay sex he knew he was home. He fell for the vampire life and he just couldn’t get enough of having his blood sucked , sucking on cock, and getting ass fucked until he damn near passed out from pleasure. After discovered that he was really a vampire twink toy his life was so much better and he just kept going back to those vampires for more of their great ass fucks.

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Multiple Vampires


Gay porn is pretty popular, and so is the series Twilight. When you combine the two, you get the best of both worlds with Twinklight, the gay porn parody of the popular movie franchise. They’re young, they’re gay and they have a taste for the occult! Tune in and see their entire horny, vampire hijinks as they suck not just blood, but cock and seed from their targets and ‘victims.’ From the costumes to the fangs to everything else, you will watch as these young studs get their fill in more ways than one!

With here, we see a number of the characters, including Elijah and a third vampire, Vampire 2 and a number of other couples deeply within the throes of passion. In one scene, you can preview two horny little vampire twinks with full on erections blowing each other’s horny loads as well as fucking each other. You can tell they just want each other’s cocks so badly with the way they gaze at each other and polish one another off with such desire and determination. The lust, the blowing, all the cum that flies everywhere, you will not be able to watch it all in one vid or one sitting!

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Vampire Twinks

You might think there is nothing hotter than two young twinks sucking each other’s dick and fucking each other’s ass. That is, until you see Twinklight. This erotic movie series adds an element of danger and blood to some very hot fucking and it is making a name for itself as one of the best gay movies ever made. In the film, guys with smooth and soft bodies lick each other’s ass hole, suck each other’s dick, and ass-fuck each other until they cum. Then one of them will make the final move and what starts out is gentle kisses turn deadly and blood is drawn. But these horny vampires really know how to feel good before they take that bite. You know that they are enjoying it, not just by the size of their hard cocks, but how their bodies move. The only way to fully understand how hot this movie is, is to see it for yourself.

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Gay Vampire Fucking

Vampire movies are all the rage today, and that’s because everyone knows that vampires are sexy and dangerous – the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. But if you want to see some really hot vampire love, then check out Billa and Edmund in Twinklight. This movie takes it to the next level, serving up tasty young guys and plenty of bloody erotica.

Edmund is a vampire, old in years but young and tender in looks. When he meets Billa, he knows his life will change. Billa has no idea what he’s getting himself into, but he enjoys the excitement and all the sweaty sex they have together. Not only does Edmund sink his teeth into Billa, but he can such a dick like no other human or vampire around. It’s easy for Billa to be drawn to this lifestyle of pleasure and pain, he’s never felt so good in his life than when he’s fucking Edmond’s ass as the blood drips down his neck and over his nipples. When Billa learns there is a whole society of vampire whores, he wants in. You’ll have to watch to see if Billa becomes a vampire or just indulges in the sex-filled vampire lifestyle.

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Vampire Twinks Get Dirty

If you are looking for something more than overdone vampire stories on TV, then you need to watch this tantalizing film about twink vampires and their seductive and dangerous underground world. When Billa and Edmund went out to dinner, they knew there was a special bond between them. Billa went back to Edmund’s place and their cryptic love affair began. But this was not a love affair like any other kind, because Edmund is a vampire. His world is all about biting, sucking, and fucking. In fact, sex and blood go hand in hand.

When two guys get together, many people expect the sex to be rough and tough, but no one would ever thing that when one guy bites the other, he’d actually draw blood. But this is exactly what happens with Edmund bites Billa. When the blood starts flowing, Edmund drinks it and they both get even hornier than they were before. This duo fucks and sucks each other in more ways than one, and you better be ready for it. When you love to watch two guys, but you get turned on when there is an element of danger involved, then this is the perfect movie for you.

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Billa’s Fantasies Come True

Billa has always had a thing for vampires. Ever since he discovered Buffy the Vampire Slayer and fell in lust with Spike he’s dreamed about them every night. He thought Spike was the hottest vampire he could ever dream up but that was until he met Edmund. Edmund immediately made him want to get down on his knees and beg for his love and that was even before he found out that Edmund really was a vampire. He didn’t know the truth until much later.

The first time that Edmund gave Billa the pleasure of sucking his cock, Billa knew that there was something different about him. He could feel so much power flowing through that thick tool and when Edmund came the first time, Billa almost choked on it, there was so much power in that cum. Then, a short time later, when Edmund took his ass for the first time, Billa saw it in his eyes. They glowed with intensity and desire and Billa was sure that he was either a dead man or that he was going to be taken to the other side. But neither happened. The only thing that happened was that Billa wanted Edmund even more.

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Erotic Gay Vampires

If you thought Twilight was hot but just couldn’t figure out what was missing you have to see TwinkLight – the hottest gay vampire movie you can imagine. Everything is erotic and sexy and you’ll never believe how hot it can get. The main characters are Billa and Edward and they are always getting it on with one guy or another. Billa becomes infatuated with the vampire life style – but especially with Edward. He’s fallen under Edward’s spell and there’s not much that he can do about it. The only question is, will Edward take his life or will he use him and throw him out or will he keep him around – forever?

Billa is a keeper though and surely Edward will figure that out. Billa will do anything to please him including sucking his cock and letting him finger and fuck his ass until he is satisfied. Edward may be a vampire but he still has carnal lusts that need to be satisfied. You’ll be reaching for your cock when you see everything that leads up to an amazing climax. There’s loads of great gay vampire sex and so much to see and fantasize about later.

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Vampire Afternoon Delight

Billa just could not get enough of Edmund. He knew this life that he was falling into was dangerous but he couldn’t help but feel that Edmund would never hurt him. He couldn’t help but feel that Edmund was different than all the other vampires. He still had that magnetic appeal and that sparkle that made all the vampires so appealing but with the other you just knew that after you sucked them off that they would be after your blood. Not Edmund though. Edmund loved to fuck purely for the pleasure of it. He satisfied his blood lust else where so that he could have a completely different experience than the other vampires would ever have.

One afternoon Billa was visiting Edmund when he saw that look in his eyes. He knew what Edmund was thinking and he could see from the bulge in his pants that he was right about his assumptions. Billa crawled over to Edmund on his knees and rested his head on his knees. Edmund ran his fingers through is hair gently at first and then a little rougher. Then, pulling him by his hair he guided Billa’s mouth up to where his massive cock now stood at attention outside his pants. Every time Billa saw it he was hungry for Edmund’s essence and he gladly took his massive love tool into his mouth.

As Edmund’s cock grew harder and harder Billa begged him in his mind to fuck him. And Edmund heard him. He guided him up to his lap and motioned to Billa to straddle him. Billa followed Edmund’s direction and felt that tip of Edmund’s cock pressing at his backdoor. He lowered himself down until he was completely impaled upon Edmund’s thick pole and then he joyously bounced up and down and fucked that glorious cock. Edmund enjoyed having Billa do all the work because he could reach around and feel Billa’s cock tremoring in his hands as he stroked it.

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Billa’s New Life

All Billa wanted was a new life where he could lead his twink lifestyle the way he wanted to – and he certainly did get a new life. After he met Edmund and the other vampires and was turned to spare his life, it certainly changed. One thing that didn’t change though was the sex. There was lots of it. But it was more erotic and sexy than anything he’d every imagined.

The boys spent their nights roaming the town looking for twink boys to seduce. And it was just so damn easy. With their pale skin they were a big hit among the twink population and they were easily accepted. They spent their nights fucking a different twink boy. If they liked him they might turn him into one of them, sucking the blood from his neck until there was almost nothing left. But usually, they drained him dry. The funny thing was, those twinks had no clue what was happening as they got fucked up the ass and sucked on those vampire cocks. Not until it was too late and they felt the life force leaving them. Only as they came from the pure ecstasy of it and realized that their life was being taken did they fight back. But by then it was too late.

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Sexy Vampire Edmund Seduces Billa

sexy vampire Edmund

Edmund the sexy twink vampire is back in this great video update from TwinkLight, appearing alongside cute young boy Josh as he works at his desk.

Hungry Edmund is always after more than blood, and he’s about to feast on innocent young Josh as he devours his cock and takes control of his tight twink ass in this video!

After unleashing his attack, pinning the young boy and tasting his blood, he soon has the slim victim naked on the bed, his hard twink cock in his grip, his tongue working that shaft and his mouth swallowing that lengthy solid pole!

Unable (or perhaps unwilling) to fight it, Josh is completely under the handsome twink vampire spell, offering his own wet mouth and servicing Edmund’s tasty pole. But Edmund wants more, and he soon has his victim on his belly, with his skinny ass in the air while he plunges his shaft deep into his ass and his big cum heavy balls swing with every thrust!

Watch the forbidden sexual seduction HERE

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Gay Vampire Kiss Scene

gay vampire kiss

When was the last time you were walking through a darkened alley in the middle of the night and heard a noise or thought you were being followed? The sound of footsteps approaching can send the heart racing and the urge to flee takes over. But what if those foot falls belong to a horny twink vampire with a desire for cock, would you run then?

Krys Perez is playing the hot young twink Edmund, out in the street way past his bedtime, secretly pursued by gay Vampire Damien. He can hear those feet approaching but as the blood courses through his veins it simply attracts his predator – he can hear that blood pumping and his cock just gets harder at the thought!

Edmund tries to run to seek shelter from the darkness as the demonic entity rushes toward him, but it’s impossible to out run a gay Vampire with a hunger for cock on his tongue!
Captured and roughed up, young Edmund is quickly under the gay vampire spell, enraptured and unable to refuse the desires of his master.

His tasty twink cock is soon being devoured by Bryce as he claims his next victim, sucking his dick deep and securing his ass as his own, to use and abuse as he fucks the boy with his vampire cock!

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Hot Vampire Blowjob Video

vampire blowjob

We join a sexy young vampire twink as his cock slave services his rock hard meat while he relaxes and enjoys the sensation of a warm mouth sliding over his lengthy pole. His slave is a real expert too, sucking and licking along that meaty shaft and savoring every thick inch. The shiny head looks so tasty too, throbbing and bulging as that tongue sends shivers of pleasure through to his balls.

It’s a really long cock, with sexy veins running along the shaft, and that cum-hungry young boy is eager to pleasure it as he strokes along its length and slurps on the swollen head.

The handsome vampire twink throws his head back and exposes his teeth in an expression of satisfaction and approval as he guides his slaves head down on his meat stick, encouraging him to take more of that bone and get it as far into his wet throat as he can.

But how long can a vampire last before the cum is sucked right from his balls by such an expert mouth? And will his cock sucking friend take that warm semen for his next meal, or will it splash all over his cute face?

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Twink Vampire Attacks

twink vampire

It’s so dangerous to go out into the woods alone, and as the sun goes down it becomes even more fraught with mortal risk. As this young and sexy twink is about to discover!

Leaving the safety of his cabin, he’s unaware of what hides in the forest, and he’s soon the prey, being hunted and cornered by the twink vampire who needs more than a fix of fresh blood.

The innocent slim twink is soon under the vampires spell, defenseless and unable to resist his deviant demands. The dark creature soon has him as his slave, kissing him deeply as their pale flesh meets. An intense sexual urgency fulls the room and the twink vampire has his victim right where he wants him.

He unbuckles his belt and heads down, releasing his enraptured victim’s cock from his underwear. He sucks on the head, licking at the slippery sweet precum as it flows from his victims cum hole. He sucks the length of that cock into his vampire mouth and swallows as much of it as he can, but it’s still not enough to satisfy his hunger!

This vampire needs more, and he’ll get it from his prey in a hardcore session that will leave you walking out into the nearest forest in the hope of being his next victim!

Full screen video HERE

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Gay Vampire Devours his Prey

Gay vampire Edmund needs a bloody twink NOW. Click once to play it here, click twice to see more/bigger clips.

Vampire Krys Perez and mortal Brice Carson have intense, sensual sex before things get bloody HERE

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Gay Vampire Nibbles on Twink

gay vampire

Restrained and held captive, a young and sexy twink finds himself at the mercy of a gay vampire with more than just a thirst for blood on his tongue; this deviant and dominant creature of the night has a powerful hunger for fresh boy cum too!

After feeling those sharp fangs plunge into his chest and being feasted on as that tongue laps at his flesh, his cock is about to be devoured too. He can’t resist as his hard dick is revealed, released from the tight confines of his jeans, throbbing and pulsating as the blood courses through his veins.

His gay vampire master is after more than just blood, and he’s soon on his knees, stroking that hard shaft and licking at the swollen head. The gorgeous twink cock is now his, and he’ll feast on that curved meat until he gets his reward!

He sucks on those heavy balls, rolling them around on his tongue before swallowing all those thick inches and sucking him deep.

Now that the victim is under a vampiric spell, unable to flee as he feels his cock sliding in and out of that warm mouth, his new master laps and slurps on that sexy dick until those balls tighten and the warm cum starts to flow!

Heavy make-out session and blowjob video HERE

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Gay Vampire Porn

gay vampire porn

You know it had to happen. With a sudden resurgence of vampire drama not seen since the likes of Buffy, Twilight has stormed the globe with its cast of sexy young guys and their moody temperaments. It was only a matter of time before the gay male fan base was satiated with a high-class gay vampire porn movie.

The long awaited feature movie Twinklight has arrived, starring the sexy young Billa as the innocent young boy searching for adventure and a new life.

But he wasn’t quite expecting what he found; a dark and mysterious underworld of cock sucking, ass fucking and cum squirting in this blood-thirsty gay vampire society. Sexy and seductive young Edmund takes the lead and encourages his fresh prey into the darkness, exposing him to pleasures he’s never dreamed of as these young vampire guys enjoy each other to the last drop!

Gay vampire porn doesn’t get any sexier, any darker, or any more thirsty than this. But be warned, one taste is all it takes to become trapped in this world of perpetual cock lust. Take that first taste if you dare, but be prepared to be a cum thirsty slave for eternity!

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